3 Ways Modern Sex Toys Can Contribute to Porn Addiction

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having lots of sex. Doctors even recommend frequent masturbation for the pursuit of optimal health and happiness. For many men, those things are achieved through the use of high-end sex toys and accessories.

And while significantly enhanced love lives are the main side effect, there’s another result that’s just now becoming apparent as we examine the influence that modern-day pleasure products have had on our society. As with anything else, too much of a good thing has turned out to be bad.

In fact, sex experts, doctors and psychologists agree that some contemporary sex toys can lead to a legitimate porn addiction.

What Is Porn Addiction?

Being addicted to pornography means more than simply craving a certain type of video or activity. It entails uncontrollable urges to have sex, masturbate or watch XXX content, even and especially when it disrupts your personal and/or professional life.

Porn addiction is something that millions of men and women around the world struggle with, but there is a cure. Unfortunately, using an extremely feature-dense sex toy can be counterproductive, most notably when that toy is equipped with certain functions or capabilities.

It’s like eating an excessively large piece of delicious cake; it tastes good going down but you’ll always regret it later.

How Some Sex Toys Are Contributing to the Problem

So, how can using sex toys and masturbating frequently be good for your health if certain male masturbation toys contribute to the problem of porn addiction? It’s all in the unique features possessed by that toy.

They’re not all made the same, nor are they all capable of inciting addictive behaviors. However, some of today’s most high-tech options come with performance modes and pleasure functions that require interaction with pornography to use them as intended.

As cool as that might sound, it might also suggest the development of serious issues for our culture in the future. Here are the top three features making that possible:

  1. The Line-Skirting Pleasure Settings

There’s nothing better than initiating a magical moment and then finishing in a tremendous crescendo. That’s how this market got its start, in fact. Still, some of today’s most alluring pleasure features skirt the line between being naturally interesting and too real.

Devices like the Fleshlight Launch and Kiiroo Onyx 2 offer extremely stimulating experiences, but both are only worth the purchase price if they’re synced with something else like another toy, a pre-recorded porn performance or a live web cam scene. Meanwhile, those digital connections simply mimic the true movements and behaviors of partners, removing all intimacy and sexual growth in the process.

As a result, the user becomes hooked on the pornographic materials provided and turns into a perverted recluse with an empty bank account and a bankrupt playbook.

  1. The Hyper-Realistic Textures and Materials

We stopped using homemade fifis because they felt terrible and only got us by in a pinch. In response to our desire for more and more, manufacturers began producing hyper-realistic sex toy materials to go with their devices’ already humanistic pleasure functions. What started out as the pursuit of hornier happiness turned into a game of cat and mouse, with the consumer caught in the trap.

Yes, life-like materials are a great touch to a well-made device, but if those materials are too realistic and then paired with other hyper-realistic features and/or functions, things can spiral out of control with a quickness.

  1. The Kinky Connection to Virtual Reality

The “other hyper-realistic features and/or functions” mentioned above mostly include things like teledildonics, motions sensing technologies, and virtual reality (VR) compatibilities.

Customizable options such as those can be extremely enjoyable to explore, but if they’re put in the hands of the wrong person they can (and most likely will) lead to the development of an addiction to porn. VR-compatible devices were originally designed to temporarily take the place of a missing partner or to join long-distance couples back together in spite of the miles between them.

They have instead been used to support an already blossoming porn addiction and, quite frankly, that’s not cool because one bad apple can spoil the entire barrel.

There will be nobody showing up at your door to bat those high-tech sex toys out of your hand. It’s up to you to use them responsibly. Enjoying pornography is no big deal unless you’re already addicted, becoming too preoccupied by it or involuntarily allowing it to negatively affect your relationships and career.

The industry invites you to play responsibly so that everyone can have fun. Otherwise, the market may get a bad name just for giving us what we asked for.

TIP: Selecting a good sex toy can be difficult, especially if you’re new to playing with them or if you’re skeptical about the dangers of porn addiction. Use high-tech pleasure devices with caution and always opt for manually manipulated artificial intelligence over porn-based virtual reality stimulation.