How to Beat Sex Addiction

Everyone likes having sex and reaching orgasm, whether it be by themselves or with a partner. There’s even scientific evidence to support the fact that frequent climaxes can significantly improve a person’s health. So, why then are there are many people talking about sex addiction like it’s a bad thing?

Celebrities are suddenly coming out of the woodwork claiming that their personal and/or professional lives have been negatively affected by an uncontrollable urge to get it on. As a sexually active adult living in the modern world, it’s important to know what you’re up against. Sex addiction is very real and it has the power to reduce your quality of life in a very way.

Unfortunately, beating sex addiction isn’t always easy, especially for men and women who struggle to find happiness, fulfillment and intimacy within their relationships. On the bright side, something being difficult does not make it impossible.

While millions of people fight against these unhealthy compulsions to no avail, real help is available if you know where to find it. For starters, however, one must honestly consider their behaviors, beliefs and perspectives a they pertain to healthy sex. Someone who thinks addictive personality traits are normal might not ever see the writing on the wall.

What Is Sex Addiction?

An addiction to sexual activity seems like something we all share but it’s not. Humanity has loved making love for so long that we now have countless historical relics illustrating mankind’s obsession with the O-face. However, sexual addiction is something far more sinister and it’s more common than you think. Here’s how the best dictionaries define it:

a psychological condition that’s categorized by persistent thoughts of erotica, usually to the point of being disruptive to a person’s life, their ability to hold down a job, maintain healthy relationships and/or fulfill daily goals”

This mind-body handicap cannot typically be changed without intense therapeutic efforts such as counseling and lifestyle changes. It also goes by the name “hypersexuality” in some circles but that word is being slowly replaced by more politically correct terminology such as sexual dependency and compulsive sexual behavior.

The Most Common Symptoms

It’s virtually impossible to combat an addiction to erotic behaviors and activities when you’re clueless about what it looks like. Knowing the signs and symptoms is always the first step towards fixing anything that you don’t like about yourself or a partner.

If you feel like things are getting too out of control, seek a doctor or therapist’s help. Here are the symptoms you need to keep your eyes open for:

  • Being Constantly Preoccupied with Thoughts of Sex

If you or your loved one thinks about sex more than the average person your age then you may be experiencing an addiction to it. Being continually distracted by fantasies and daydreams is extremely dangerous, especially if you have major responsibilities to take care of such a work, family, finances or social obligations.

To find out, journal how many times you think about the subject each day and compare that to what experts say is normal for your gender.

  • Receiving Complaints from Partners

Have you ever had a partner complain about your inability to stop associating everything with sex? Do you often deal with lovers talking trash because you can’t get your act together or take intimacy seriously?

If so, then you may be experiencing a clandestine addiction to knocking the boots and that can get in the way of a good thing just as much as not having sex at all.

  • Hiding Certain Behaviors for Fear of Getting Caught

When was the last time you did something sexual and then hid it from someone you love because you didn’t want to get judged? Some of that might have to do with the perceptions of the people around you, but it may also be a sign that you’re addicted to sex.

If you find yourself being extremely secretive or having to hide behaviors, seek help immediately.

  • Experiencing Interference with Personal and/or Professional Matters

Untreated addictions of any kind can be very disruptive to a person’s personal and professional lives.

It can make meeting up with other people an extremely awkward situation, plus it can keep you too distracted to do your job or be productive when required. If you or someone you love can’t balance sexuality with life’s demands, it’s time to do something about it.

  • Having Feelings of Being Abnormal

Over time, sex addicts can begin to feel ostracized by the people they love and work with because their thoughts and behaviors make it virtually impossible to interact on any normal level.

Relationships break down, friendships come to an end, and coworkers stop inviting you to their shindigs. When this happens, it’s a good sign that something is wrong with your perceptions and urges as they pertain to sexuality.

  • Struggling with an Inability to Change It by Willpower Alone

You’ve tried everything in your power to stop being so addicted to sexual activity but nothing has worked.

You are among the millions of people who struggle with this every single day, meaning you’re not alone and there are effective treatment options available. If you continually fail when trying to beat your compulsions, don’t give up because there are solutions to the problem.

The symptoms of sex addiction can vary widely from one person to another. Still curious about whether you’ve got an issue or not? Take this Sex Addict Quiz for more personalized information.

Effective Treatment Options

Fortunately, the psychological issue has gained much-needed traction over the last few years, leading to numerous effective treatment options being developed and tested on people just like me and you.

As it turns out, beating sex addiction is not as hard as it seems as long as you’re finally done rationalizing these behaviors. Use one of the following techniques to find out for yourself just how easy it is:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Also known as CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy is a type of treatment that uses a wide variety of techniques and tools to help an addict change his or her habits. It involves the use of various coping skills which are aligned to reduce undesirable compulsions.

  • Prescription Mood Medications

Medicines like Provera (medroxyprogesterone) and Prozac (fluoxetine) are known as SSRIs, or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. They’re generally prescribed to people for depression and anxiety but they can also be used to treat unwanted sexual urges.

  • Support Groups

Being involved in groups of like-minded people is a proven way to decrease your obsessive-compulsive behaviors while making friends who can help keep you accountable for the changes you’re trying to make. It may also give you insight on ways to recognize your triggers.

  • Individual Counseling

Sometimes, addicts just need someone to talk to who isn’t going to judge or tell everyone they know about what’s being said. Individual counseling, or psychotherapy, can help tremendously because it becomes a safe space to share your woes and discuss customized approaches to the problem.

Being addicted to sex is no joke but it doesn’t have to ruin your life. Seek help if you or someone you know is struggling to enjoy their sexuality in safe, productive and healthy way.

3 Ways Modern Sex Toys Can Contribute to Porn Addiction

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having lots of sex. Doctors even recommend frequent masturbation for the pursuit of optimal health and happiness. For many men, those things are achieved through the use of high-end sex toys and accessories.

And while significantly enhanced love lives are the main side effect, there’s another result that’s just now becoming apparent as we examine the influence that modern-day pleasure products have had on our society. As with anything else, too much of a good thing has turned out to be bad.

In fact, sex experts, doctors and psychologists agree that some contemporary sex toys can lead to a legitimate porn addiction.

What Is Porn Addiction?

Being addicted to pornography means more than simply craving a certain type of video or activity. It entails uncontrollable urges to have sex, masturbate or watch XXX content, even and especially when it disrupts your personal and/or professional life.

Porn addiction is something that millions of men and women around the world struggle with, but there is a cure. Unfortunately, using an extremely feature-dense sex toy can be counterproductive, most notably when that toy is equipped with certain functions or capabilities.

It’s like eating an excessively large piece of delicious cake; it tastes good going down but you’ll always regret it later.

How Some Sex Toys Are Contributing to the Problem

So, how can using sex toys and masturbating frequently be good for your health if certain male masturbation toys contribute to the problem of porn addiction? It’s all in the unique features possessed by that toy.

They’re not all made the same, nor are they all capable of inciting addictive behaviors. However, some of today’s most high-tech options come with performance modes and pleasure functions that require interaction with pornography to use them as intended.

As cool as that might sound, it might also suggest the development of serious issues for our culture in the future. Here are the top three features making that possible:

  1. The Line-Skirting Pleasure Settings

There’s nothing better than initiating a magical moment and then finishing in a tremendous crescendo. That’s how this market got its start, in fact. Still, some of today’s most alluring pleasure features skirt the line between being naturally interesting and too real.

Devices like the Fleshlight Launch and Kiiroo Onyx 2 offer extremely stimulating experiences, but both are only worth the purchase price if they’re synced with something else like another toy, a pre-recorded porn performance or a live web cam scene. Meanwhile, those digital connections simply mimic the true movements and behaviors of partners, removing all intimacy and sexual growth in the process.

As a result, the user becomes hooked on the pornographic materials provided and turns into a perverted recluse with an empty bank account and a bankrupt playbook.

  1. The Hyper-Realistic Textures and Materials

We stopped using homemade fifis because they felt terrible and only got us by in a pinch. In response to our desire for more and more, manufacturers began producing hyper-realistic sex toy materials to go with their devices’ already humanistic pleasure functions. What started out as the pursuit of hornier happiness turned into a game of cat and mouse, with the consumer caught in the trap.

Yes, life-like materials are a great touch to a well-made device, but if those materials are too realistic and then paired with other hyper-realistic features and/or functions, things can spiral out of control with a quickness.

  1. The Kinky Connection to Virtual Reality

The “other hyper-realistic features and/or functions” mentioned above mostly include things like teledildonics, motions sensing technologies, and virtual reality (VR) compatibilities.

Customizable options such as those can be extremely enjoyable to explore, but if they’re put in the hands of the wrong person they can (and most likely will) lead to the development of an addiction to porn. VR-compatible devices were originally designed to temporarily take the place of a missing partner or to join long-distance couples back together in spite of the miles between them.

They have instead been used to support an already blossoming porn addiction and, quite frankly, that’s not cool because one bad apple can spoil the entire barrel.

There will be nobody showing up at your door to bat those high-tech sex toys out of your hand. It’s up to you to use them responsibly. Enjoying pornography is no big deal unless you’re already addicted, becoming too preoccupied by it or involuntarily allowing it to negatively affect your relationships and career.

The industry invites you to play responsibly so that everyone can have fun. Otherwise, the market may get a bad name just for giving us what we asked for.

TIP: Selecting a good sex toy can be difficult, especially if you’re new to playing with them or if you’re skeptical about the dangers of porn addiction. Use high-tech pleasure devices with caution and always opt for manually manipulated artificial intelligence over porn-based virtual reality stimulation.

Sexuality and Men: The Connection

Sexuality as we know it, especially as it pertains to men, hasn’t always looked the way it does today. In fact, it has been the subject of controversy and contention since its first mention many decades ago – back when sexually supercharged stars were first coming out the closet as homosexuals, bisexuals and sex addicts.

As it turns out, many of their behaviors and beliefs weren’t nearly as off-color as we initially thought they were. The male libido is a natural force that empowers men and allows them to live their best lives.

Fortunately, the topic has become much better understood in the last few years, bringing with it a whole new belief system and, as a result of the confusion, an entire generation that doesn’t know what to think when it comes to healthy sex.

What Is Sexuality?

The term “sexuality” can be defined in several different ways depending on which part of the male consciousness you’re referring to. For example, the word can be used to describe a person’s physical, mental and/or emotion capacity for sexualized experiences.

Someone with poor sexuality in that regard may exhibit extreme apprehensions in the bedroom as opposed to someone with an enriched sense of intimacy. The word can also be used to describe a person’s sexual orientation, meaning male sexuality is about more than just getting off.

The term also stands for the general act of erotic activity, so we need to be sure we’re considering context before subjecting men to a substandard belief system. Contrary to popular belief, male sexuality is just as rich, exciting and fulfilling as their female counterparts.

Determining Your Position

Aside from getting past the unnecessary social taboos that have been placed on the male libido, it’s also difficult to determine your position on the matter because a lot of misinformation is floating around.

Moreover, men are generally expected to behave a specific way when it comes to erotica and personal pleasure, especially those dealing with the opposite sex.

However, all men should have the right and ability to define (and redefine) their own sexuality based on nothing but their individual needs and desires. In other words, there should be no reason why any man alive in the modern world remains confused or afraid of what lies behind his zipper.

Once a man finally realizes that his sexuality is his concern alone, he begins to break out of his shell to become the sex god he was always meant to be. This is when things get good, especially for partners.

Determining the parameters of your sexual compulsions is a perfectly normal and highly recommended exercise, by the way, with many relationship experts suggesting this kind of exploration for struggling couples and individuals who feel held back in some way.

The interesting part about it all is that there are virtually no rules hindering men from the trial and error process other than our continual hate for people who change their mind.

To best determine your position as it pertains to male sexuality, try not to think about anything but yourself. No, seriously. It may sound harsh and egotistical but considering the thoughts and feelings of others at a time like this is a big mistake.

You’ve got to do what’s right for you, even if that means repenting or turning away from the type of guy you once were. The point is to find wholeness and happiness by whatever means possible, even if that takes letting go of certain people and unhealthy habits in your life.

Bottom line: Good sex keeps you healthy, wealthy and wise, which in turns extends your lifespan and improves the quality of your experiences.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Move

Finally figured out how healthy sexuality fits into your life? That’s great, but you’ll soon find out how difficult it is to maintain that kind of momentum without the proper support system in place.

Exploring one’s own sexual fantasies and orientation may be difficult for some men, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for everyone. Here are just a few tips and tricks that can be used to help you figure out what to do next:

  • Contact a doctor to find out if there are any general health problems you should be concerned about, especially those that may limit sexual activity.
  • Improve your appearance and hygiene in various ways to begin attracting the kinds of partners you’re into the most.
  • Educate yourself on the latest and greatest sex toys, XXX media and erotica literature to become well-versed in the lifestyle of your chosen sexuality.
  • Begin getting involved in a community of like-minded men who can support your choices and help you find healthy outlets to explore it.
  • Occasionally reassess your position to make sure you’re still on a path that’s satisfying and beneficial to your overall wellbeing.